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 Character Profile ~ Layout

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Vulpe Blueblood
Vulpe Blueblood

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Character Profile ~ Layout Empty
PostSubject: Character Profile ~ Layout   Character Profile ~ Layout EmptyThu Jan 23, 2014 9:58 pm

NAME - Put your character's name here
BIRTHDAY - Put your character's birthday here,
OCCUPATION - Put your character's occupation here.
AGE - Put your character's age here.
RELATIONSHIPS - Put your character's relationship here.
POWER SCALE - How powerful is your character? Scale Below:

Extremely High/Highly Dangerous Threat/Try to Avoid - (Only for Aidan&Sia)
Medium High/Dangerous/Do not mess with -
Low High/Caution/Play your cards right
(Ask me with these)

High Medium/Be wary/Be smart
Medium/Caution/Be careful
Low Medium/So-so/Can be taken out

High Low/So-so/Can be taken out
Medium Low/Not a threat/Can be taken out
Low/Weak/Easy to win against

Character's personality here!

Character's history here!
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Character Profile ~ Layout
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