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 (Character Profile} - Vulpe Blueblood

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Vulpe Blueblood
Vulpe Blueblood

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(Character Profile} - Vulpe Blueblood 12110635963_e512f74ea1_o(Character Profile} - Vulpe Blueblood 12110720674_fc364a2422_o
I was given wine
We're feeling okay
And we're quite all right
You wash my tears away
And make me wanna stay
And bonfires lit up the shores

Walk far far away
To go beside you
Is where I want to be
Walk far far way
To laugh, to love

(Character Profile} - Vulpe Blueblood Avril-lavigne-forever-young-omg-black-and-white-Favim.com-755881

NAME - Vulpe Blueblood
BIRTHDAY - November 28, 1492
AGE - Unknown, but looks around 18/19 years old.
RELATIONSHIPS - Ex-Wife of Lucas Savino
POWER SCALE - Medium High/Dangerous/Do not mess with.

Vulpe is someone who likes to keep to herself, and is always pushing people away. In a way you can call her selfish, cause she doesn't really listen to what others want. She has a cold personality, and is always being either sarcastic, vain, and or a smartass. She has a bad habit of putting herself first before anyone else, and rarely shows any kind of emotion. The only emotion you would see from her is maybe a few expressions, but other than that she always has a straight look, as if she is taking everything in so she could make a quick response.

Vulpe is always on her guard, but she is very calm about it. She keeps her senses high, and it's always hard to surprise her. She is always first to make the move, so if you can't handle her, stay away. Vulpe doesn't mind the idea of killing someone, especially if it helps her live a bit more longer.

But underneath all that bitchiness, selfish walls, Vulpe is someone who is always trying to protect others from mistakes she has made in the past. She is someone who just wants to be alone with her tears. As long as the ones she loves are safe, she is happy.

Vulpe was born to a vampire/werewolf hybrid male, and a human female. Though after her birth, her father instantly turned his wife to a vampire. Even though he had fell in love with his bride, he didn't like the fact she was a human. It felt like a weakness for him, so he vowed that when she had their baby he would turn her. Which is what he did, he even helped his bride learn all of the ropes to being a vampire. Something she quickly took a liking to.

Vulpe is also what you call a princess. Her father was the ruler of a tribe of vampires that were called the Bluebloods. Hence her last name. They were ruthless vampires and took what they wanted to by force. But when they were outnumbered, they made sure to bring in their secret weapon. Her Dad, and with every battle he fought, he won just by himself. But even he had weaknesses..

At the scene of their murdered, Vulpe's mother was being held hostage and only if her father sacrificed his life, would she be released. Her mother begged him to let her go, but he could not do that. He said he would die for her, but as he said that, they quickly ended his wife's life. In horror, her father put up one last fight, before he himself was murdered brutally. His limbs torn off along with his head. It was Vulpe who found them dead, she was only five years old, and it was her Uncle who found her lying in her parents' blood, crying, asking them to wake up.

Vulpe then started to live with her uncle, and the more she grew, the more she started to hear how her father's tribe was going extinct. When she hit eight, she was the only Blueblood left.

At the age of ten, Vulpe started to get a thirst for blood, and gain a bit of vampire abilities. It took a lot of her Uncle's patient to keep her from killing people, in fact he taught her how to feed on animals instead. Something she said that tasted better than what she thought it would taste like. Her and her Uncle became best friends after that, especially since he knew what she was going through. She loved him very much.. But, when Vulpe turned fourteen, she no longer wanted to be looked after. She knew if people found out who she was, they would kill him. So without leaving without anything but a note, Vulpe ran away. She started to grow up by herself.

Vulpe was always moved from town, to town, not waiting to stay in one place too long. But when she turned sixteen, she met someone who instantly charmed her. Aidan Salvatare was his name, and he was the most gorgeous man she had ever seen. The moment she met him, and had her hand kissed by him, she instantly fell for him. But she knew very little of his intentions..

They dated for two years. Vulpe was eighteen and had stopped aging when Aidan finally showed his true intentions. Aidan finally revealed why he was so interested in her. He had knew whom she was due to help of a mysterious witch. The witch had told him about her lies of being a full fledge vampire, telling him how she was a half-human, half vampire, but how she had a werewolf power deep inside of her. Something Aidan wanted, and with the help of this witch he would have it. After revealing his plan, he locked Vulpe in the dungeon and immediately started the power transferring with the held of witch, whom had been hiding in the shadows.

Aidan was about to get the werewolf until the energy suddenly turned into energy of a vampire. A side effect of how Vulpe was born part vampire instead of a wolf. Though, even though the plan had failed, Aidan felt even more powerful than ever. It was because of this he didn't seem to be so angry it failed. He finished sealing his new found powers, by drinking Vulpe's blood. Which left her weak and passed out on the cold floor of the dungeon.

How did she escape? The witch helped, having much more plans for the girl. But the witch had blamed one of Aidan's guards, and immediately took their life. He has been chasing Vulpe ever since.

After years of running, Vulpe was able to lose Aidan. She had been able to trick him, but this was the time where the Civil War was going on. It was 1864 when she met two boys named Lucas and Damien Savion. Two handsome men who were fighting in the war. Vulpe had been lost and hiding every where she went so she would be spotted by the people fighting in the war. It was on one night where she had been wondering in the forest cold and scared when her eyes fell on two men hiding so they could take reload their guns. Vulpe had stood there in horror, hoping they would not notice her, for she was close to them. But sadly, her prayers were not heard. The one youngest one, the one whom was called Lucas had took notice of her and immediately froze.

This caused Vulpe to immediately run, making the two brothers run after her. She gave them a good run until she ran into a dead end, causing her to turn around and fall to her knees as she covered herself. She begged them not to hurt her, begged them not to kill her, she was only lost. In which Lucas had replied, telling her how they were not going to hut her, but help her find shelter. Which caused Vulpe a whole deal of shock.. but it wasn't until after a good bit of talking did she go with the brothers. Lucas had asked for someone to bring her back to his house and for Vulpe to write to him, letting him know she had gotten there safety. For he wanted to keep a civilian safe in his own home.

So when Vulpe had gotten to his home, she was immediately loved for her manners and how shy she was. And after a good bath, she immediately started her letter to the man who helped her. It was then they started to write letters to each other, learning more and more about each other. And the more they wrote, the more Vulpe started to trust someone again. She was even falling for Lucas. So when the war was over and he was able to come back with his brother. They immediately went out together to talk, they wanted to know more about each other. They even shared their first kiss the night he had gotten home.

They had spent a couple of months together, before Lucas finally asked her to marry him, in which she replied positively too. They got married a couple months later. (Though, during this period, Vulpe had confessed to what she was. It took Lucas a good time to really accept her, but quickly forgave her, and vowed to protect her secret.)

They were married for two years when Vulpe got pregnant with their child. It was a happy pregnancy, filled with laughter, love, and joy! Nothing seemed to be going bad, and they were both hoping it would be a little girl. But, when the time came for the baby's birth, Vulpe had a miscarriage. Causing nothing but sadness for not only her, but everyone else. But in secret, she was blaming herself. It had even flipped a switch on her vampire side. She had been hunting every night for an animal to feed off of. killing anything that had blood in it. And when Lucas had found out and confronted Vulpe, she immediately ran off. Never to be seen again by him.

It was a year after their "divorce." that Vulpe had been found by Aidan once again. Somehow he had knew about her miscarriage and taunted her for it. And after a few more taunts, he kidnapped her and turned her into a vampire. He had made Vulpe his slave for anything, and everything and if she refused to do anything. He would beat her for it, which started to turn Vulpe's beautiful personality, to a dark one. During this period, she kept hearing how baby girls with blue hair kept dying, causing Vulpe to mourn, and mourn over the loss of her daughter, who had inherited her blue, beautiful hair.

Vulpe was with Aidan for a year until she had finally managed to escape by herself. She had finally won a fight and had snapped his neck, but knowing he would wake up soon, she immediately ran free. It was now, with her cold heart, Vulpe started to feed on humans, not caring if she was killing anyone anymore. She was a full fledge vampire, she was hungry, she was hurt, she was no longer the Vulpe everyone knew. All she was/is now.. a monster..

And she hasn't been seen at all... until today.
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(Character Profile} - Vulpe Blueblood
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