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 {Character Profile} - Carina Percy (WIP!)

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Carina Percy

Carina Percy

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{Character Profile} - Carina Percy (WIP!) Empty
PostSubject: {Character Profile} - Carina Percy (WIP!)   {Character Profile} - Carina Percy (WIP!) EmptyFri Jan 24, 2014 4:21 am

{Character Profile} - Carina Percy (WIP!) 13-310{Character Profile} - Carina Percy (WIP!) 10085810{Character Profile} - Carina Percy (WIP!) A3610

All the birds are singing in the whisper winds
Everybody's listening
And the sun is shining like today won't end
Nothing here is missing

Looking over, looking under, looking through
What we find every time we do what we do

We laugh...
We cry...
And we live our lives...
And we love, and we love, and we love
And it comes back to us

{Character Profile} - Carina Percy (WIP!) Carina12


- Carina Percy
- October 28th
OCCUPATION - Bartender
AGE -  24
Medium Medium


Carina is a sweet and funny girl, with a wicked temper when someone makes her mad. She's loyal, she's cautious, and not to mention clumsy on occasion. She has her graceful moments and sometimes when she starts to fall, she can get out of it and end up landing almost gracefully. She's the type of girl who will stand up for her family and those she sees as family. Family has always been important to her and even though she is on the short side, she will still get in your face if you try to mess with her family.

Carina usually always has a smile on her face, so much in fact that when she isn't wearing one, people will come up to her and randomly ask if she is okay (it really annoys her when people do that). There are times where she can get cranky, but it's really those who are close to her that really get the end of that stick (and she always tries to apologize after that happens).

She can be blunt on occasion, speaking what comes to mind (when it's a good and/or funny thing), because usually she'll receive a smile or a laugh in response. She loves to laugh and have fun when she can. She is a full on Daddy's girl and loves her father and brother very much.

Most of her friends had left town after high school, leaving her mostly with just her dad and brother.

After a bad time with an ex, Carina's wary of men. She doesn't trust easily and will come off a little cold at times. Having decided to stay single for while, she is protective of her heart.

Carina has lived in Mysticus Camm all of her life. She is the daughter of Mayor Daniel and Belle Percy (deceased). She has an older brother named Sebastion and she is close to him. As she grew up though, she started to notice that she didn't exactly look like her family... It was when she was ten-years-old that she really realized that she had no similar features to her parents. Sure, she had brown hair like her mother and brother, and her eyes were brown, but it was different from theirs. She made mention of it one day, causing everyone in the house to freeze, not having expected her to realize at such a young age.

Her mother and father sat her down and told her about the night she came to them. They had been out with Sebastion for the evening, seeing a movie and when they returned home, they saw a basket with a baby inside.

They found her and had reported about the child. But when no one claimed the baby and when Child Services was about to take her, Daniel and Belle made the decision to adopt the baby. They named her after Belle's mother, Carina Jackson.

They had no record of who her birth parents were, but that didn't bother Carina at all. She loved her family and really didn't see a point in trying to find out who her birth parents were.

Besides... it seemed impossible anyways with no records.

Carina grew up in a loving home and her view of her family never really changed after she was told the truth. They loved her and she loved them that's all that mattered.

When she was eleven, her mother died in a car crash, leaving Daniel to take care of his two children.

Daniel ran for Mayor and won the election, giving his children everything they wanted. Carina had loved living like a princess, but her father did his best to make sure she grew up with a level head and a look at the real world.

After college, Carina decided to stay in Mysticus Camm and work at the local bar and grill. Over the years she moved from hostess, to server, to bartender.

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{Character Profile} - Carina Percy (WIP!)
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