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 Remember who you run from, remember who owns you.. {Tag: Vulpe}

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Aidan Salvatare

Aidan Salvatare

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PostSubject: Remember who you run from, remember who owns you.. {Tag: Vulpe}   Sat Jan 25, 2014 3:36 am

Aidan grabbed the long, blue haired mistress by her hair and yanked her towards him. He then proceeded to bite her neck, before stopping as he forced her to look at him as he pulled on her hair. He stared at her strong, but horrified expression as he growled. "Who the hell do you think you are? Hmm?!" He snarled, before throwing her onto the ground. "Don't you remember who turned you!? Hmm!?" He asked as she kicked the girl and pinned her onto the ground. "I own you, Vulpe, and just because I can't kill you that easily, doesn't mean I can't beat you, make you regret living!" He snarled.

He then proceeded to be quiet as he looked down at her. The look she was giving him was making him even more upset. How long she had been running from him, and even when she was losing the fight she still thought she was better than him. It ticked him off to the point of no return. "Stop looking at me like that, Vulpe, or I swear to god I will do exactly what I did to you in my home. Don't you remember that? It was after you lost your precious little baby girl, ran away from your husband, and was turned into a vampire." He stated as a smirk formed on his face as he felt her stop struggling, looking away as if she didn't want to hear any more from him. "Aww, what's wrong, did I say too much," He asked, leaning down towards her neck, "Oh well.." He said, before viciously biting into her neck, pinning her wrists on the ground so she couldn't fight back. He even made sure to overpower her, it was fun torturing her like this. Plus her blood tasted so good.
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Vulpe Blueblood
Vulpe Blueblood

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PostSubject: Re: Remember who you run from, remember who owns you.. {Tag: Vulpe}   Sat Jan 25, 2014 3:53 am

Vulpe closed her eyes immediately as Aidan bit into her neck. At one time, it really hurt to be bitten by him, but now she was all to use to it. She was use to the abuse, and all she could do was hope it would be over soon. Vulpe closed her hand into fist the more she could feel Aidan taking more blood. It was clear he was trying to give her a lesson on who was in charge, but it didn't bother her. She knew she would be able to get out this and run, run like she always did. That's all she could do when it came to him, and it killed her for being so weak. But not even she herself could beat him, no matter how powerful she was.

Suddenly, Vulpe felt a pierce in her neck, causing her to whimper as her body arched a little bit. This caused her to close her eyes tightly as she suddenly started to feel how powerful his bite was now. She couldn't help the little sounds of pain as he kept biting harder, and harder. It wasn't until he caused her to scream from the comfortableness that she suddenly started to fight back. "Get off of me!" Vulpe yelled as she suddenly headbutted him, causing him to get off of her. When he did stand up, she had immediately gotten onto her feet and growled at him, wincing only when she felt the bite marks heal up. "Just, leave me alone, Aidan! I do not belong to you or anyone else! So go away!!" Vulpe cursed as she hissed, getting ready to run away. Though, she knew he wasn't going to let her go, he was hungry, and he had chosen to feed on her..

With a quick movement, she started to run. Her long blue hair flowing behind her as she did. She wanted to get away from him, but she had no idea where she was running to.
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Remember who you run from, remember who owns you.. {Tag: Vulpe}
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